weekly courses for beginners

How to get into freelance programming – weekly courses for beginners

In the article, we will cover the general aspects of freelance programming and which tutorials apply the best certificates.

Learning courses for beginners

Getting acquainted with new programming and coding skills is not a complicated process. Specialty learning applies a number of tutorials and free courses for beginners. If you don’t know anything about the field of software development, this type of study is the best for you. Moreover, if you are interested in purchasing the intermediate and advanced levels of programming study there are still good options for you to choose from. This digital format of study appeals to basic information and helps you make decisions to purchase the advanced paid learning with getting certificates. Let’s run the popular freelance programming courses:

  1. A great selection of learning is included in Codecademy, giving you the possibility to choose the topic of study, schedule of lessons, study plan for free. Web development is suggested to be the top-rating course for beginners.
  2. Learning WordPress, game coding, web development is an excellent option to study with online resources of Udemy. This digital format handles different teaching videos making the whole study more exciting and easy.
  3. Free essential programming skills can be straightforwardly provided by Khan Academy which covers the basics, offering the vast majority of tutorials.
  4. A great number of introductory courses are free for beginners running the online teaching materials in Coursera.  There are also paid versions of tutorials with certificates.
  5. The advanced level of freelance programming courses is completed with MIT OpenCourseWare. You can easily explore the seminars if you have already passed the basics of software development studies.

How to learn freelance programming skills online

If you don’t have a university degree or a college diploma, it’s not time to get upset because a vast assortment of possibilities is still in front of you. By reading ebooks, running online teaching videos, gaining special courses, and tutorials you can work as a freelancer. Obtaining a set of specialty programming skills your freelance work will be great for:

  • A web-design
  • A web-developer
  • A graphic designer

To pursue a career as a web-designer the following courses may be useful:

  • Learning the basics of JavaScript at Skillshare
  • Getting the ability to design a website in Photoshop at Skillshare
  • The standard functionalities of creating websites taught at Udemy.

Well-developer jobs require more advanced skills. You have to gain a strong fundamental knowledge background to achieve the best results. These ideas for online learning could be useful:

  • The complete teaching course at Udemy
  • How to build your first app, the excellent complete course at Skillshare.

To work as a successful graphic designer you need some good skills of software and the required tools. The teaching resources would be rewarding for you:

  • The classes of fundamental illustrator at Skillshare
  • Colour theory at Skillshare
  • Fundamental knowledge of Photoshop elements for beginners at Skillshare.